Frequently Asked Questions


To make sure that the Community Manager has time to prepare for your individual tour, not to superimpose any sightseeing appointments and we can give you our full attention, it is advisable to make an appointment in advance and to give advance information on the wishes.

With us you can pay by debit card, credit card, debit collection, bank transfer or cash.

Long-term contracts with terms are possible with us, depending on the length of this term, there are even discounts.

Our Business Centers are always accessible to clients with private offices or dedicated desks (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays).
The opening hours, 9am to 6pm*, indicate when Business Center is open for Externals and when the Community Manager is on-site for a tour, receiving external clients for the meeting room, or processing requests.

*The opening hours may vary depending on the location.

According to the house rules, pets are not allowed, but in some cases exceptions can be discussed.

The size of the meeting room varies from location to location, as a rule, up to 8 people can be seated at the spacious conference table.

If the included print quota is exceeded, printing costs 10 cents per sheet.

Flexibility is very important to us! The rental and the notice period for private offices is – unless otherwise agreed – 2 months. For all the other products – 1 month.

When renting a private office, please consider that your contract may be terminated giving 60 calendar days advance notice by the end of the month. All other contracts may be terminated giving 30 calendar days advance notice by the end of the month.

We are happy to accept your parcels for you in a normal scale. If you want to receive many or large packages, please talk with your Community Manager first.

The meeting room can be booked by tenants as well as by external parties at any time by email to [email protected], by telephone (via sales hotline or via the direct line of the respective Community Manager) or simply directly at the reception by the Community Manager. The appointments are managed via an online tool that records all locations.

Private offices

Long-term contracts with terms are possible with us, depending on the length of this term, there are even discounts possible.

At each location we have offices of various sizes, including offices that hold up to 16 people. Depending on the duration of the contract and the number of people, even tailor-made solutions are possible. Even conversions are no hurdle for us.

For referrals from clients who sign a contract, there is an iPad as a thank you when fulfilling the terms and conditions, etc. (for details, please ask your local community manager).

It is about 5 square meters per workstation (in a 4-person office accordingly about 20 square meters)

For 79 € per month you can get your own landline number including telephone and flatrate in all German networks.

All our members pay a deposit of only one gross monthly rent. When booking our Virtual Office offer no deposit will be charged.

You are welcome to bring your own printer.

You get a key per workstation, so every employee has free access. Additional keys can be copied on request for a fee.
Depending on the branch, you have access via a classic key-lock principle, or via a card reading system.

All utilities, daily cleaning, high speed internet and drinks flat rate are included. Only the VAT of 19% is added to the stated net prices, provided you do not have any options that can be booked, such as your own telephone number or similar wishes (please contact your local Community Manager for prices). For a contract period of more than 2 months, a cleaning fee of 20 € / sqm is to be expected.

Virtual Office

Whether with a private office, a dedicated desk or a virtual office, it is easily possible to register your GmbH with the address of the Business Center, as you can use it as the official business address.