Working space in times like these


Working space in times like these

It’s been a year now and maybe you are fed up with home office?

It is not only about the missing equipment, but also the missing quiet which is necessary to be productive at work and to go through successful meetings with business partners and coworkers. Thank god we got the perfect alternative with our meeting rooms. We offer you full equipped business rooms, bureaus and much more all over Germany which are also fully usable during the current situation.

Fed up of home office? Us too!

It is no secret anymore. Even studies have proofed that productivity declines while working from home. Several disturbing factors such as family members and housework make it harder to focus. But also an unstable internet connection or missing equipment at home makes work harder! But is it even possible to use meeting rooms in times of social distancing? Of course! Thanks to our open spaced and large conference rooms you can arrange meetings, discuss important thing and still have the needed space. If you are still worried there is also the possibility to rent our fully equipped rooms to increase your own productivity!

The locations

In total we are present with 16 bureaus in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Mannheim, Munich and Stuttgart. All of them are modern and new right in the city center, opened Monday to Friday from 09 to 6. It’s not only meeting rooms that we offer, but also single bureaus and business lounges. Everything a heart desires!

The equipment

It is our issue to make your working time as easy and comfortable as possible. All of our rooms are equipped with high quality items. High speed internet and telephone conference stations are natural. We also offer you ergonomic furniture, printers and equipment for presentations! To form your break really relaxing our rooms include kitchens as well as coffee, tea and water for free use. At the end of a productive day our facility team takes care of cleaning to guarantee a safe working area!

Isn’t it a great thought to shut down your laptop at the end of a day and leave the office at closing time? To separate privacy and work?

Convince yourself of our offers and make work exciting and productive!

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