Teamwork – what it is all about?


Teamwork – what it is all about?

Team work is indispensable from the daily working routine. The process of changing from a lone wolve to a teamplayer might not have been easy for everybody, but was and is a necessity. Because teamwork, no matter if in an office or all over the world in a group is more productive, more creative and more democratic. But of course, it is not always easy. If different persons meet each other, conflicts and forced adaption will arise.

Develop team goals

There is ambition in every single person. This causes, that we want to reach goals. By creating team goals, a group will by nature work together to reach this goal. Because to not reach it means a failure for every single group member. Nevertheless a team needs strict allocations. Otherwise the teams runs into danger of disparity.

Conflict management

Conflicts are a classic team problem. It is natural and comes up by different meanings, opinions and minds. To gloss them over or to simply ignore them will lead to a situation which can’t be solved anymore. The team will fail! It is better to point conflicts out, to analyze them and to have a moderated conversation. Teams get stronger by their solved conflicts and get the feeling of cohesion.

Trust as a basis

A solid basis of trust is a must-need in every teem. If this fundament is not solid from the beginning, cracks will show up after short time. The team got an instable basis and can’t reach its goals. Thanks to rules, words get mandatory and deadlines will be held.

So, it does not need a lot to form a stable team. As in private life it is all about goals, conflicts and trust. With clear structures and rules goals can be achieved, conflicts solved and trust strengthend.

Teamwork is the present and the future. True to the motto – more creative, more productive, more democratic!

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