Recommendation Offer – just bring a friend!

Recommendation Offer – just bring a friend!

Recommend WorkRepublic to one of your friends or acquaintances.

Just bring a friend with you and get 33% discount as a thank you for your recommendation!

It’s that easy:

  1. Recommend WorkRepublic to others
  2. The new customer receives 33% discount on the 1st month
  3. You will also be offered the same amount


Discount entitlements arise if:

  1. the referrer is a new customer of WR;
  2. the recommender is a customer of WR;
  3. a contract is concluded for a dedicated office or a dedicated desk with a term of at least 3 months;
  4. and the conditions for a successful conclusion of the agreement acc. Section 3 of the Terms and Conditions of WR are fully fulfilled by the Recipient (that is, if the Recipient fully provides his contractual services to WR in accordance with point 3 of the Terms and Conditions of WR).

The recommender can not recommend himself. It is not possible to add the recommendation later. The legal process is excluded. There is no legal claim to the receipt of a discount.

Ask your Community Manager for further information!

If you have any questions about your contract or our services, please contact our sales team, which can be contacted at [email protected] and +49 (0) 89 – 125 033 840.

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