Tips for a healthy office life


Tips for a healthy office life

After a long day at your desk you just feel tired and whacked. It is not only about missing movement during a stessfull day of work but also healthy habits, which get out of your focus. In the following article we would like to introduce some tips to make your workspace more healthy.

The best posture

Headache, neck pain or back-problems. All oft hem can by caused by wrong pose. While working in front of a computer you should be aware about your thigs. Keep them on the seat and let your shoulders and neck relaxed. Your back should have an erect posture. Ergonomic bureau furniture support your posture and are way more comfortable.


It is in our concern to make your working day as healthy and comfortable as possible, so ergonomic office furniture is standard at WorkRepublic.


Take your breaks

We all know that breaks are important. Nevertheless some days are that stressfull that you do not even have time to think about a break. To counter that plan fix breaks throughout your day and plan the work around those breaks. This will cause fixed structure.

The best way to spend your breaks is outside, enjoying some fresh air. Our terraces are at your disposal!

Working from home

We guess you already found a homeoffice routine which fits your day. But sometimes it is hardly possible to shut down your computer and leave work behind. To make that happen, your workstation at home should be in an extra room which you can leave after work. If this is not possible just work at fixed times.

Of course there are some other factors just as drining anough and have a healthy diet to make your working routine as effective as possible.

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