Relax for a moment and celebrate your success!

Relax for a moment and celebrate your success!

Productivity tends to be the name of the game when it comes to professional improvement. But ultimately, our mental health is just as important as the documents we create and the spreadsheets we email out. So, how do we effectively draw the line between being professionally productive and personally happy?

Relax for a moment and celebrate your success!

At the beginning of September there was a big celebration in our business center. On the first of September 2020, Inpera GmbH was able to celebrate a special event at WorkRepublic at Kurfürstenstraße 87. The reason for the festive occasion was the launch of the online SaaS platform for the construction industry.

Inpera GmbH is a digital platform for purchasing and procurement in the construction industry. In the morning, the entire Inpera team gathered to celebrate this sense of achievement in a friendly atmosphere.

And how do you stay satisfied?
Here are a few tips for you to be more productive on every working day:

  1. Treat yourself to some fun rewards
  2. Play like a child
  3. Create a playlist to improve your mood
  4. Have a mini dance party during this midday break
  5. Meditate
  6. Walk around the block (especially when it’s sunny)
  7. Eat foods that improve your mood
  8. Document your successes
  9. Smile more often

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